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Bobcat Writers 2024

Literary Journal 23-24



It is with a full heart that the writers of the

Anthology of Writing Vol. III edition dedicates this journal to Andrew F. Rowell.


Table of Contents


We Are Miller by Adina Alam 

  • Genre: Collection   pg. 1

Collection of Poems by Natalie Bayramyan

  • Genre: Collection pg. 2

Collection of Poems by Emilie Miller

  • Genre: Collection pg. 5

Remy Ratticus by Kai Peterson

  • Genre: Adventure pg. 6

No tears by Josseline Turcott

  • Genre: Fantasy/horror pg. 7

It All Started with a Dare by Aubrey Heckner

  • Genre: Thriller pg. 10

A Place to Call Home by Joelle Solis

  • Genre: Realistic fiction pg. 12

Viva La Reflection by Bianca Lee

  • Genre: Horror pg. 16

Through the Eyes of Fear by Madison Weigel

  • Genre: Horror pg. 19

Empty by Elena Artiga

  • Genre: Fantasy pg. 23

Leo and Daisy’s Adventure Home Alone by Josseline Turcott Moscoso

  • Genre: Fantasy pg. 25

My Own Voice by Ana Perez

  • Genre: Realistic Fiction pg. 27

Frenemies by Sarah Hamblin

  • Genre: Fantasy pg. 29

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